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The Absolut Elyx influencer program was created to own the Martini masterclass across the US. The task was to interact with over 3000 influencers within 6 months across 9 cities, while developing a program that is agile, dynamic and could function with scale. the projects* created intimate events within venues to educate consumers on both Elyx and the Martini. This lead to an increased bar call and gave guests the tools and knowledge to create their perfect Martini. Our approach was scalability and execution. This enabled resources to be allocated to each city, accommodating for the number of events. Through strategic planning we created a robust logistical framework ensuring efficient event execution. Guests were employed by our Elyx team to bring together affluent trendsetters who are raw, refined and influential in their sphere of reach. This multi-faceted influencer campaign hit the lips of thousands, whilst seen and heard by millions.